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Compromise Agreement Advice Lawyers Bristol Have you decided that you would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors following your dismissal at work and would like to speak to get compromise agreement advice from lawyers in Bristol? Are you concerned about the details surrounding your dismissal as you believe that there may be elements in which you have not been properly taken through the correct process which should be adhered to when a dismissal takes place? Are you trying to find out more information about what can be done to help you with your situation so that you can maximise on the chances of success for your case?

Once you have decided that compensation is a route that you would like to go down you can contact Michael Lewin Solicitors so that you can begin to understand whether you would be able to successful with your claim. We received an enquiry from a client called Mr M who explained that there had been an incident at his work which had resulted in him being made redundant.

The claimant had worked for the last 3 years as a supervisor allocator and has verbally accepted his redundancy from the company after his position was combined with his manager’s position. He was offered to apply for the role with more responsibility but the same pay. He applied and went for a competency based interview but they did not take any of his past work history into consideration for the role. The role was given to a junior member of staff as the claimant was unsuccessful getting the post. The redundancy is going ahead and the claimant wanted to investigate whether there would be scope for compensation for the situation.

Do you think that your situation where you work has elements to it that could warrant compensation and would like to get compromise agreement advice from lawyers in Bristol by speaking to Michael Lewin Solicitors? Have you been thinking about processing a claim and now is the right time for you to take things further?

There are options available to people who have suffered from ill treatment at work as there are laws in place to make sure that employees are protected should there be an incident in which they are their employer treats them unfairly. It is within the legal rights of the employee to contact a firm of solicitors so that they can get some advice if they feel that they have been poorly treated and would like to get compensation for their damages.

Upon contacting Michael Lewin Solicitors we will be able to establish whether your case would be eligible and be able to pass your details onto the relevant person so that you are being given the best opportunity of success by using the correct expert for your individual circumstances. When you are ready to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitorsget compromise agreement advice from lawyers in Bristolyou can contact the dedicated and reliable team by calling them on 0844 844 9866.

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