In London and need a Compromise Agreement?

Compromise Agreement Advice London Are you considering forming a compromise agreement following a dispute with your employers and seek advice from legal experts who specialise in employment law in London? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could offer you the advice and guidance that you need along with expert legal representation to ensure that you secure the maximum recompense available to you from the formation of a compromise agreement with your employer following a dispute at work.

As an alternative to bringing a claim against your employer to an employment tribunal or court an agreement can be formed with your employer (or former employer) that would grant you an arranged severance payment in exchange for your agreement to not bring a claim to tribunal or court. This is known as a compromise agreement and if your employment had not already ended with the company this would terminate the service with the company. Other conditions can also be factored into the agreement such as a good reference for the employee to enable them to pursue future employment without concerns.

Have you been involved in a dispute conflict in your workplace and are considering entering into a compromise agreement with your employer rather than bring a claim against them to an employment tribunal and require advice and representation from a specialist solicitor in London? If you require the advice and other services of a specialist employment litigation solicitor as you are considering forming a compromise agreement with your employer following a dispute at work or a breach in your employment contract by your employer you should consult the dedicated employment law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors as we have extensive experience in handling negotiations of this nature and could help to maximise the recompense that you obtain.

Mr S from Devon recently contacted the dedicated one of law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors with regards to a complaint about a breach in his employment contract by his employer to find out if he had a valid claim against his employer and the best method of pursuing recompense. As with every enquiry that we receive our highly skilled professionals looked into every detail of Mr S’s case to establish if a breach was indeed made and Mr S had grounds to pursue compensation. This then enabled us to provide Mr S with the most appropriate advice his particular situation and needs.

If you need compromise agreement advice from legal professionals who specialise in employment law you need to make a call to the extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff at Michael Lewin Solicitors as we could use our wealth of experience in successfully handling negotiations to form compromise agreements to help you secure the full recompense that you justly deserve without causing you any further undue stress or hassle whether you are in London or elsewhere in the UK on: (0844) 844 9866.

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