Bristol: Unfairly Sacked Advice Claim

Compromise Agreement Claim Bristol Are you ready to speak to an expert with regards to a comprise agreement claim in Bristol so that you can establish whether you would be eligible for a claim for compensation? Do you think that Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help you and would like to access advice from a range of experts who deal with employment law? Have you been suffering at work through some form of discrimination or mistreatment and are interested in establishing whether you would be able to get compensation for the damages that you have suffered?

When you have decided a claim would be the correct thing for you to embark upon you can speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors to receive knowledgeable advice about the correct thing for you to do. We received an enquiry from Mr C who worked as a chef in a chain of public houses in the UK. The claimant explained that he had been employed for approximately one year and worked up to 70 hours a week. Despite this he had never signed a contract of employment.

Whilst claimant was at work there was an argument in which he was suspended after allegedly displaying aggressive behaviour towards his line manager. The claimant has since received a letter which has suspended him but has not been informed how long the suspension will last for. There were no written warnings prior to this incident. The claimant explained that he felt as though he had been bullied by his line managers for several months and wanted to find out if there could be a case for compensation as he was not sure if it could be construed as a constructive dismissal.

Do you think that you are ready to embark upon a claim for compensation and would like to discuss a compromise agreement claim in Bristol with Michael Lewin Solicitors? Are you ready to find out whether your situation is eligible for a claim of this nature so that you can begin to resolve the circumstances of your employment?

Bullying at work can contribute to a case for constructive dismissal and if it can be proven that there has been ill-treatment in the workplace it is possible that this can be included in a case for compensation. It is advisable to contact one of our team members and discuss any relevant pieces of information or incidents that you think have contributed to the bullying scenario.

Regardless of how important you think an incident might be it is essential that you mention all incidents that you were involved in so that we can analyse which we will be able to use should we be able to formulate a case for compensation; there may be instances that you think are not relevant but that can be used to help strengthen your case.

Once you have decided that you are ready to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about a compromise agreement claim in Bristol you can contact our team by calling0844 844 9866.

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