Compromise Agreement In Bradford

Is your organisation seeking help and legal advice in regards to creating a compromise agreement at your business in Bradford? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors can help your organisation with drafting and negotiating compromise agreements and all circumstances which can arise when creating a legally binding document of this nature.

Our team will be able to advise your business on the terms of a compromise agreement & the circumstances leading to a severance deal being offered. Compromise agreements are increasingly common within the UK and they are a method of bringing an end to an employment relationship following a dispute. Many organisations decide to use these types of agreements when they are looking to end to the employment relationship and creating one of these documents gives your organisation the contractual guarantee that the employee is wavering their right to bring a claim against you at the Employment Tribunal providing this document is completed in accordance with the relevant legal framework.There are various different legal requirements in order to make this document successful and our team will be able to provide your business with advice to ensure that you comply with the following requirements:

? The document must be writing..

? The details contained within the document must relate to the particular complaint about which there is a dispute. Your organisation cannot use this compromise agreement to speak to exclude all potential future claims.

? Your business needs to receive independent legal advice from a trained solicitor or other appropriate qualified advisor as to the terms and conditions of the proposed agreement.

? This solicitor must be identified in the agreement and must have in force a professional indemnity policy which covers the risk of giving negligent advice.

? The above agreement must state the above conditions relating to all details of the compromise agreement must have been satisfied.

If my business is looking to create a compromise agreement in Bradford; what is generally contained within these documents?

There are many details that will be contained in a document of this nature; however the agreement will set out the financial and other terms upon which the employment relationship is terminated. These will vary obviously depending on each individual but it should be drafted in accordance with the particular circumstances in question and typically they include; the amount of compensation payable what reference (if any) your organisation is willing to provide an employee confirming that the employee is bound to observe confidentiality about the fact that they have been offered a compromise agreement confirming any other restrictions after the relationship has been terminated and the level of contribution to the employee’s legal fees which you will provide.

When businesses do not draft compromise agreements effectively it can sometimes attract the attention of the media and an article which was published in the Personnel Today on 22 April 2013 discusses compromise agreements in the NHS. A particular section of the article reads ?NHS employers has published guidance to help ensure the NHS compromise agreements are appropriately worded following the recent controversy surrounding the use of gagging clauses and the scandal at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust?.

If your business is seeking advice in regards to creating a compromise agreement for your business in Bradford you can contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0113 200 9720.


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