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Compromise Agreement Solicitors Uk Are you considering making a compromise agreement with your employer or bringing claim against your employer at an employment tribunal for which you need help from specialist solicitors in the UK to ensure that you receive the full recompense that you justly deserve? If you have a valid claim against your employer and are seeking compensation for unfair dismissal discrimination or another breach by your employer then it is essential that you consult the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors for representation and advice to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome that is available to you in either negotiating a successful compromise agreement or at an employment tribunal.

A compromise agreement is a specific type of contract between an employer and their employee (or ex-employee) which states that the employee will have no further claim against their employer as a result of breach of statutory duty by the employer for which the employee receives some form of consideration which is usually a negotiated final sum. Each agreement is individual and tailored to meet the facts of each particular case.

The compromise agreement therefore allows an employer to put closure to an incident involving an employee’s departure or complaint as they will be them protected from future claims. Breaches of a compromise agreement by either party could result in legal action.

If you are seeking expert legal advice to help you form a compromise agreement with your employer you need look no further than the highly skilled legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who have extensive experience in handling the cases of this nature and could help you to maximise the recompense you receive in consideration as part of the agreement for making no further claim against your employer in the UK.

Ms H from Littlehampton recently contacted our dedicated employment law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discuss her stress at work complaint. Our highly qualified legal advisers are currently looking into her case to be able to advise her accordingly and find out her eligibility for claiming compensation.

If Ms H does indeed have grounds to make a claim we could negotiate on her behalf to help her maximise the sum she could obtain as part of a compromise agreement or represent her in bringing a claim against her employer to an employment tribunal to ensure that she successfully achieves the best possible outcome available to her in her particular case.

For more information about forming a compromise agreement with your employer or bringing claim against your employer to an employment tribunal for breaches in their duty discrimination or wrongful dismissal make a no obligation call to the employment law experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could offer you the accurate and personalised advice guidance and support that you need to help you secure the full compensation that you justly deserve the matter where you are in the UK on: (0844) 844 9866.

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