Computer says no?

British Airways has been forced to cancel some flights in recent days and is now dealing with a number of delayed flights due to what they have identified as an IT glitch.  Customers are being advised to check in on line to avoid long check-in queues at airports.

Does this mean that we are meant to just accept the delay?  Well that all depends on the length and the cause of the delay.  Here at Michael Lewin Solicitors we investigate the cause of delays and claim compensation for passengers.  Knowing your rights is key and that is something we can help with.  Here you can see some of basic information regarding your rights to compensation for a Delayed Flight.

Your Rights

In order to make any claim for compensation your flight must be departing or arriving from a European Country or Switzerland, Iceland or Norway.

Short-haul flights – For flights covering less than 1500km, delayed passengers can claim €250 if the delay was more than three hours and it was the fault of the airline.

Medium-haul flights – For flights, covering between 1,500km and 3,500km, and the delay is more than 3 hours the compensation is €400.

Long-haul flights – For flights over 3,500km anyone delayed more than 3 hours can claim €300 and anyone delayed more than four hours can claim €600.

Plus reasonable incurred expenses with receipts.

Source: Civil Aviation Authority

The limitation period for such a claim is 6 years.  Therefore, if you or anyone you know has had a delayed flight within that last 6 years, contact Michael Lewin Solicitors and we will assess the claim and obtain the right compensation.

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