Increased Concerns Raised Over The Use of Risperdal (Risperdone)

Increased Concerns Raised Over The Use of Risperdal (Risperdone)

Increased concerns raised over the use of Risperdal in the UK

Risperdal also known as Risperdone has been linked to diabetes weight gain and a serious condition called gynecomastia which is the abnormal growth of male breast tissue.

Risperdal is designed to control chemicals in the brain which control thinking feelings and behaviour in people suffering from bipolar disorder schizophrenia other types of psychosis or mania and Alzheimer’s disease.

Johnson & Johnson known in the UK as Janssen-Cilag Ltd manufacturer the drug and despite their research which concluded that the product was not suitable for children an aggressive US marketing campaign targeting children with behavioural problems was undertaken. Subsequently many of the children suffered with the above side effects.

In 2012 a US Court ruled that the manufacturers of this drug overstated the safety of the drugs and purposefully played down the risks and potential side effects. Since then the manufacturers of Risperdal have paid out over $2.2 billion of compensation in respect of personal injury claims.

This drug is currently being prescribed in the UK and anyone concerned is advised to contact their GP or NHS Direct as soon as possible.

There is concern that the Risperdal (or Risperdone as it is otherwise known) may have been incorrectly prescribed in the UK following the guidance from the manufacturer and that there may be individuals in England and Wales who are suffering some of the above side effects.

If you are concerned that you may have suffered with any of the side effects discussed above please contact a member of our product liability team on 0844 499 9302.

Michael Lewin Solicitors are experts in pharmaceutical litigation and are happy to advise you whether you have a potential claim surrounding the prescription of Risperdal.

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