Constructive dismissal compensation claim pay-out for Mr Bradford; Michael Lewin were delighted to give advice about the bullying he suffered in work.

Mr Bradfordwas forced to resign from his role as a postman. He loved his job he was heavily involved in the local community and he used his job to help him train for the fund raising events he did.

He had always walked or run his route; he had designed a lightweight frame for the postbag to be wheeled around on so he could run with it.A new manager arrived and told him that the bag was not conforming with health and safety so he was given the choice to use a standard issue post bag or go on a different route. The other route required a van and the job was very sedentary the opposite of what our client enjoyed. His manager then gave him no opportunity to appeal; he just put him on the van route.

Mr Bradford hated his new route. He asked and asked to be allowed back to the route he loved however he was just subjected to some terrible personal attacks. He was tired of the bullying that he was suffering in work so he decided that he had to resign after having spent 9 years of his life contentedly doing a job he loved.

I have been treated badly and I would like constructive dismissal advice about my case after I have been the victim of bullying at work. Mr Bradford has been astonished that the claims process is so easy; he feels that he got the justice he deserved after being subjected to the managers bullying behaviour.

If your treatment in work amounts to constructive dismissal; call the professional staff here at Michael Lewin for advice about how to start your claim after being the victim of bullying in work today on 0844 499 9302.

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