Mr Hillittis the victim ofconstructive dismissal he sufferedbullying but he got advice leading to a settlement in London.

Mr Hillitthad been a valued staff member for the 11 years that he had worked for his employer; he was the chief strategy officer for a multinational company. His job involved flying all over the world and he had become internationally respected in his role.

His sexual orientation had become an issue after a compromising number of photo’s had been emailed to the general in box of the company and a few of the sister companies. These should not have affected his treatment in work; however he was given written warnings about his behaviour in work for the first time since he joined the company.

He began to feel alienated and ill whenever he had to go in to work. Mr Hillitt involved Michael Lewin to help him with his constructive dismissal resignation letter.

I have had a similar case of constructive dismissal; can I get advice about bullying in work in London?
Mr Hillitthas been given the compensation he deserved and he hopes that if enough challenges like this are made then employers will have to treat people fairly or take the legal punishment if they don?t.

If you feel that you can claim for constructive dismissal call Michael Lewin today for advice about bullying in work and making a claimin London on 0844 499 9302.

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