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Contract Employment La – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Is your business seeking advice in regards to creating a contract of employment that is current with UK law for your business in Bradford? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to assist businesses across the UK in various different employment law situations and they can help you draft bespoke and tailor-made contracts of employment to help you avoid litigation.

The benefits of creating a contract of employment

Clear and precise employment contracts can provide a large amount of certainty in regards to issues such as the ‘start date? of the employment or they can assist when compensation issues arise after the resignation or termination of a contract of employment. In cases where senior employees are hired a contract of employment can oversee a particular function or can ensure that a project is completed successfully as it outlines the performance expectations of the employee and these can be established from the outset. Where an employee is joining an organisation from a competitor or moving organisations to take an opportunity of employment special provisions regarding moving costs along competition expectations can also be dealt with in a clear and precise manner from the outset.

Employment contracts can be extremely critical in various different instances; however below are just a few instances where contracts of employment are central:

? A prospective employee has decided to leave their secure employment to join your business.
? You don?t expect or anticipate that the employment will be an indefinite placement.
? An employee is joining at an executive level and clarity is required surrounding their expectations.
? There is a complicated share option commission bonus or any other compensation aspects contained within the working environment.
? The transfer of an employee from one particular location to another is occurring within your business.

Effective policies documents and contracts of employment can protect your business from expensive legal action as employees are aware of what is expected of them within an organisation and are aware of how to raise internal complaints within the organisation.

Is your business facing legal action as you breached the contract of employment and you are now seeking a law firm who can assist your business in Bradford?

As well as helping your organisation draft new contracts of employment we can also help you if you are facing a breach of contract compensation claim. These specific types of claims are particularly common within the UK and our team will be able to help defend your company vigorously whilst advising you on the best possible path to take to ensure your company receives the desired outcome in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Businesses who are involved in difficult situations that arise because of contracts of employment can often find themselves the talk of the media and an article which was published in The Guardian on 29 July 2013 discusses a well-known retailer who is having difficulty over his use of zero hour contracts. A particular section of the article reads ?pressure is mounting on Mike Ashley and his Sports Direct empire over its use of zero-hours contracts for part-time employees as the Unite trade union demanded a meeting with the billionaire businessman. Politicians campaigners and charities called on the UK’s biggest sports retailer to change its policy on using the controversial contracts for 90% of its workforce.?

If your organisation is looking to create a contract of employment that abides by UK law or if you are facing legal action for a breach of contract claim in Bradford you can contact Michael Lewin Solicitors to discuss your situation today on:0113 200 9720.


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