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Contract Employment La – Solicitors; Are you seeking the help of a team of experts who can help you draft your business? contract of employment using their knowledge of employment law; and is your business based in Doncaster or anywhere else in the country?

Then look no further than the highly skilled and dedicated experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will use their wealth of knowledge surrounding employment law to advise view in whatever way they can to ensure the smooth running of your business. Most employment contracts relate toan employees? rights given by law. These rights are called statutory rights. Statutory rights that your employee may be entitled to include:

? Rights to maternity or paternity leave
? A right to be paid compensation for being made redundant
? A right to an itemised pay statement
? A right to a written statement of the terms of employment
? A right not to be unfairly dismissed

If you are unsure about your employees? statutory rights please contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to clarify your position.

If you do not allow your employees the statutory rights that they are entitled to then they may be eligible to make a claim against you at an employment tribunal for thisreasons such as unfair dismissal discrimination or unlawful deduction of wages. This is why it is best to have any questions answered by the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors before any problem escalates.

Can the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors help me draft my business? contract of employment ensuring it is in line with current employment law regulations; and do they cover Doncaster and the surrounding area?

The experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors have an in-depth knowledge of the current employment law rules and regulations and are therefore incredibly useful when it comes to drafting a business contract. If you currently have an employment contract and would just like to ensure that the legislation is up-to-date or if you are a new business that requires a new contract of employment for your employees then contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

A new legislation has recently come into effect regarding ?zero contracts?. These contracts do not specify any number of hours that employees will be required to work. Information published on the Advice Guide website states that ?They are common for shop workers. The contract says that instead of working a specific number of hours per week you must be ready to work whenever you asked.? This is an example of the new legislation that has come into effect which will influence many contracts being written. So if you are unsure about current legislation then contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors today.

So if you would like advice and instruction on drafting your business’s contract of employment with the help of a team who are experienced in employment law then contact Michael Lewin Solicitors today on 0113 200 9720whether you are based in Doncaster or further afield.


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