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On 28 August 2012 Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article reporting on the employment tribunal case Khatri v London Central Mosque Trust Ltd and another company [2012] All ER (D) 357 (Jul).

The article summarises that "The dispute arose following an unfair dismissal claim ever which company employed the worker".

It explains "In October 1997 the employee was hired as a teacher’s employer Mosque’s weekend school. In February 1998 the employee was asked to work as a nursery manager with the task of building up the attendance at the nursery. Subsequently the second employer was created."

The article goes on to say "The employee’s payslips and P 46 both had the second employer’s name on them. In 2007 the employee drafted some contracts of employment and the stated that the second employer was the employer. In 2010 the employee was dismissed. She brought claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination on the grounds of her race and sex against second employer. She subsequently sought to add the first employer as a respondent on the basis that it had been her employer. It was common ground that when her employment commenced she had been employed by the first employer. The employment tribunal found that the employee’s employment had transferred to the second employer. The employee appealed."

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The article goes on to say that the principal issue in the above-mentioned case that fell to be determined is whether the tribunal had erred in law in deciding that before the termination of employment "she had ceased to be employed by the first employer and instead become an employee of the second employer".

It concludes "The appeal would be dismissed. It was settled law that in the same way that a term in a contract of employment could be varied by implication such as by a course of dealing the identity of the employee could also be altered by implied agreement constituted by conduct. In the instant case there were a number of factors which individually and cumulatively showed that the tribunal had been entitled to find that the employer of the employee had become the nursery."

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