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Contract Of Employment – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Is your organisation seeking advice in regards to creating a contract of employment that is bespoke for your businesses needs in Bradford and abides by UK law? Are you seeking advice in regards to performing employment contract health checks to ensure that your business is in line with UK law? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors have extensive experience in all fields of employment law and we will be able to put you in touch with one of our expert solicitors who will be able to ensure that your contracts abide by UK law and they can help you draft new contracts of employment to help you avoid litigation.

By the end of the second month after the date of employment each employee is entitled to written particulars giving the details of the key terms and conditions of employment. There is however no legal requirement for your organisation to provide a written contract; however it is strongly advisable that you do so. Not providing a written statement of employment particulars or providing one of these documents that does not comply with the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996 can expose your business to the risk of an employee referring to the Employment Tribunal. This particular tribunal will then determine what the employment contract should cover which could include assessment of payment for the employee that may not be the same the employer intended.

Organisations that have effective contracts of employment often have a more productive and more contented workforce. This is because employees understand what is expected of them within the working environment and they also understand how to raise complaints within the organisation. Our team will be able to use their wealth of knowledge in contract law to help your business create a contract of employment that is both bespoke to your business’s needs and complies with UK law.

Is your business involved in legal action for a breach of contract of employment compensation claim and you are now seeking a solicitors firm who can help your business in Bradford?

Being taken to the Employment Tribunal can be an extremely daunting experience for your business as well as potentially costly for your organisation. The team however can offer you cost-effective solutions to help you resolve the matter in a timely manner and we will be able to provide you with legal representation to help you build a strong defence at the Employment Tribunal.

An article which was published in the Personnel Today on 4 June 2013 discusses contracts of employment within an organisation. A particular section of the article reads ‘some employers believe that if an employee has not yet joined them he or she does not have a contract and as a result no contractual rights. An employer might want or need to withdraw a job offer for various different reasons (for example a recruitment freeze might have been imposed since it made the job offer). Employers might think they can withdraw a job offer with no comeback if the individual has not yet started working for them. In fact this is not the case.?

If your business is faced with legal action for a breach of contract of employment or if you are seeking advice in regards to creating a new contract of employment for your business in Bradford you can contact Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice and assistance today on:0113 200 9720.


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