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Contract Of Employment – ML Expert Solicitors Team; Are you considering terminating the contract of employment of the employee at your organisation in Manchester? Then you should consult with the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors over a no obligation call as our dedicated team specialise in employment and commercial law and could offer tailor-made advice to your business to ensure that the dismissal is fair and compliant with employment legislation as well as assist in negotiating and drafting a settlement agreement to terminate an employment contract when there are no grounds for dismissal.

The Guardian reported in an article published on Friday 5 July written by Anna Kessel that the "FA reach a settlement with former referee manager over unfair dismissal".

The article says that "The Football Association has reached an out-of-court agreement with the former FA National referee manager for education and training Janie Frampton as she took the governing body to an employment tribunal following a dispute over a dismissal".

It explains that "Frampton who was employed by the FA for 10 years was sacked in May last year after personal emails were leaked to national media allegedly offering FA Cup semi-final tickets in exchange for flight upgrades for three female referees returning from the Dallas Cup on a work engagement. Frampton the most senior woman in her department was dismissed following an internal investigation by the FA. The Sports Officials UK CEO strongly denied any wrongdoing however took her former employers to an employment tribunal."

Have you had an employee bring an employment tribunal claim against your company for breaches or unfairly terminating the contract of employment at your organisation in Manchester? Then you should make a no obligation call to the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our dedicated team of experts could advise and assist in various methods of alternative dispute resolution to reach a swift agreement or could provide a robust legal defence to ensure that the best possible outcome available to your organisation is reached at an employment tribunal hearing.

The article goes on to report that "Greater Manchester police subsequently confirmed that CID had arrested Dean Mohareb a senior FA employee and Football League Referee on suspicion of the hacking of personal and work email accounts of Frampton and the misuse of data".

Employers should ensure that they have a fair and justifiable reason for dismissing an employee following formal company disciplinary and dismissal procedures acting consistently and fully investigating any allegations made against an employee before taking decisive action. Failure to do so or dismissing an employee for a reason that would automatically be classed as unfair such as discrimination or whistleblowing could leave them liable for employment tribunal action to be taken against them.

The highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide outstanding legal advice and representation for you following the termination of the contract of employment of an employee from your organisation in Manchester that has resulted in an unfair dismissal claim being brought against you to ensure that the best interests of your company are protected either by alternative dispute resolution methods or by following litigation procedures finding a solution to the dispute as quickly and cost effectively as possible; so call our helpful advisers to discuss our services further on: 0113 200 9720.


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