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Contract Of Employment – ML Solicitors Legal Advice; Are you looking to terminate the contract of employment of an employee at your organisation within the UK? The highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could offer advice and guidance to ensure that your organisation follows formal disciplinary or dismissal procedures and complies with all current UK employment legislation making sure that you are operating fairly and consistently to avoid the risk of future repercussions such as legal action being brought against the company by the employee for unfair dismissal.

An article published on 25 January 2013 by Pay and Benefits Magazine highlighted several recent employment tribunal cases including that of Spring v First Capital East Ltd [2012] All ER (D) 03 (Dec).

The article informs that "An employee who retired the day before he turned 65 contested that he was being retired because he was "a thorn in the company’s side". An employment tribunal ordered that you pay a deposit of œ250 in order to continue his claim that he was discriminated against on grounds of age."

It goes on to say that "The employee was a bus driver. His employment had been terminated the day before he turned 65. The statutory requirements notice had been given and the proper procedure had been followed. The employee’s request to continue to work had been denied. The employer claimed that this was because of an oversupply of bus drivers due to push its being lost."

Have you had a tribunal claim brought against you for the termination of contract of employment of an employee at your organisation within the UK? Then don?t hesitate to call the employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our dedicated team could provide robust legal representation for your firm to work to ensure the best interests of your business are protected during litigation proceedings.

The above-mentioned article further explains to us that "The employee appealed to an employment tribunal claiming that he had been dismissed for a reason other than retirement or that the employer had committed an act of age discrimination. He cited that he had raised health and safety concerns with his management and union and had written a letter of complaint to his MP about the working conditions of London bus drivers. He claimed that his employer well using the legal mechanism available to retire employees at the age of 65 was using that to retire employees who were thought to be a thorn in the company’s side."

If further adds that "The employee claimed that in a claim for unfair dismissal where the contention was that the true reason for the dismissal had been that the employee had made protected disclosures rather that he was aged 65 the judge had erred in ordering a deposit to be paid. He also claimed that the judge had not given an opportunity to make oral submissions about why a deposit should not be ordered."

The article concludes by telling us that the Employment Appeal Tribunal found that the tribunal judge had been entitled to conclude that the employee had little prospect of providing evidence that he had been dismissed unfairly and that the appeal therefore failed.

The highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could assist you with the mutual termination of contract of employment of an employee at your organisation within the UK by use of settlement agreements that achieves the best possible outcome available to your business; so make a no obligation call to our helpful advisers for more information on our services on: 0113 200 9720.


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