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Contract Of Employment Law – ML Solicitors; Are you an employer looking to mutually terminate the contract of employment of an employee of your organisation by way of a settlement agreement that is fully compliant with all current employment law in the UK? Then you should obligation call to the employment and commercial law specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors for expert advice and assistance that will ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome available to you from your company whilst acting fairly and in full compliance with all current UK employment legislation.

Retail Gazette published an article on Tuesday 16 July written by Michael Somerville reporting that "Kate Bostock quits Asos after seven months".

The article informs is that "Kate Bostock Asos executive director of product and trading has resigned from the company. Bostockjoint the retailer in January this year."

It goes on to say that "Asos boss Nick Robertson commented that they had agreed Asos was not the right platform for Bostock’s talent".

He reportedly said: "Of course we are disappointed that things haven’t worked out and Kate leaves with our very best wishes. In the meantime we have a very strong team in place in the business continues to fire on all cylinders."

Do you require expert legal advice and assistance with regards to the drafting or terminating of a contract of employment at your organisation from legal professionals who specialise in employment and commercial law in the UK? Then don?t hesitate to call the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors who could use their expertise in the fields of employment and commercial law to advise and assist you in negotiating and drafting employment contracts or settlement agreement that protect the best interests of your company.

As part of the above-mentioned article it is reported that Bostock said: "Asos is a formidable business and I have great respect for the team I have been working with: they are right at the cutting edge of young online fashion. Sadly I’ve concluded that Asos is in the right place me. I will not regret the experience and I wish Nick and all at Asos continued success."

The article informs us that "Bostock who quit as head of fashion and home boss at Marks & Spencer in July last year was brought into Asos to bring proficiencies to its sourcing business".

The highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could help you with the negotiations and drafting a contract of employment or settlement agreement at your organisation using their expertise in the field of employment law to ensure the best interests of your business in the UK are protected as well as being able to offer a wide range of employment and commercial law services including assistance with dispute resolution and representation for litigation matters; so consult with our extremely helpful advisers over a no obligation call today to discuss your business requirements on: 0113 200 9720.


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