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Pay and benefits Magazine published an article on 28 August 2012 discussing the outcome of the employment tribunal hearing for Durham County Council v Hall [2012] All ER (D) 52 (Aug).

The article informs is that "The issue was whether the tribunal had wrongly found the employee’s redundancy selection was due to an earlier claim of victimisation that the worker made against the employer".

It explains "The local authority employers had earlier been found to have subject of the employee teacher to the detriment of making protected disclosures. At a remedy hearing the employment tribunal was invited by the employer not toward future loss but to make recommendations with which the employee would comply. The tribunal made recommendations inter-alia that the employer should restore to the employee believes she rolled which she had unlawfully been deprived. It is said that if that recommendation was not complied with the employee could restore the future loss issue highway of review. The employee’s leadership role was not restored."

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The above-mentioned article goes on to inform of that "Meanwhile the employee was dismissed for redundancy and she issued a second claim based on that dismissal. The tribunal agreed to review the issue of future loss arising from the protected disclosure claim. In doing so they found that the employee at a leadership role not been unlawfully taken away would have scored higher in the redundancy selection process and would not have been selected for redundancy. The employer appealed against the review decision."

The article explains that the appeal would be dismissed. Is that "The tribunal had reached a conclusion which was one factor based on the history of the case and were not guilty of any error of law in reaching that conclusion".

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