Cosatto Issue Product Improvement Service After Reports of their Giggle Stroller Collapsing With Babies Inside

Cosatto Issue Product Improvement Service After Reports of their Giggle Strollers Collapsing With Babies Inside

The Cosatto Giggle stroller was launched in summer 2012 and since then people have been reporting cases of their giggle strollers collapsing with their babies still inside.

BBC Watchdog featured the Costatto Giggle Stroller on their programme last night where two mothers with young babies recalled the event when their strollers collapsed with their baby in.

One mother’s stroller collapsed whilst she was crossing the road.

The Cosatto Giggle Stroller is made so that you can change it from a pram to a buggy and even a car seat. If the stroller collapses it could potentially be very dangerous and is even reflected in Cosatto’s disclaimer.

‘To avoid injury ensure that your child is kept away when unfolding and folding this product.’

The problem is due to a fault with the mounting bracket and the tester on BBC Watchdog found that it was more likely to collapse in high temperatures.

The strollers affected are;

All Star Golightly Sunny Treat

Batch 50/2012 23/2012 23/2012 23/2012

References 29/2012 29/2012 26/2012

Affected: 42/2012 43/2012 29/2012

43/2012 46/2012 42/2012

50/2012 47/2012 43/2012





You will find the batch reference on a sticker on the inside leg of your assembled Giggle chassis on the left hand side.

Cosatto are now providing a product improvement service in response.

To find out more about Cosatto’s product improvement service please visit their site

If you have been affected by this or something similar please contact a member of our product liability on 0113 200 9720.

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