Court Give Go Ahead For The Making Of VW Group Litigation Order

VW emissions scandal

Michael Lewin Solicitors are gearing up in anticipation of the making of a Group Litigation Order.

The Court have given provisional directions for the making of a group litigation order and claimant firms are currently liaising regarding the structure of how firms will cooperate with each other.

If you owned an affected vehicle it will be vitally important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Different classes of claimants will have different types of claims depending on various factors such as when the vehicle was purchased, whether the car was on finance and whether the vehicle was new or second hand.

Richard Coulthard, Director of Michael Lewin Solicitors had the following to say..

“Despite the blatant unfairness of the conduct of Volkswagen in designing and fitting a defeat device, this litigation is likely to involve complex issues of law on which it is recommended that consumers take expert legal advice. There are issues relating to the losses suffered and also the impact of associated finance which needs to be investigated. Whilst favourable results have been achieved in the US and Spain, the law in England and Wales has different rules regarding liability and loss. Owners should not assume that they will be compensated whether they are or are not involved in the litigation and the only way to ensure a fair result is for customers to ensure that they have appropriate legal representation within the group action.”

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