Boys Are More Likely To Be Subjected To Criminal Injury

Boys Are More Likely To Be Subjected To Criminal Injury

True or false? Your son is walking home you do not worry about him. Your daughter is walking home she gets offered a lift or you stay awake restless until she walks through the door…

Research shows that parents worry more about females because in our society they are perceived to be more vulnerable. However this way of thinking is miles from being correct. Adolescent boys are actually far more likely to fall victim to almost all types of violent crimes stemming from assault and robbery all the way to homicide and their risk of being victimized only increases as they get older.

Although girls are more likely to be victims of attacks like cyber bullying boys are more likely to end up in hospital and it is likely that another boy or group of boys will have put him there. The downfall is that violence is associated with manliness and there becomes a struggle for power between males who want to prove their status and thrust their dominance upon others which is why boys are more likely to be subjected to criminal injury.

A report by A&E displayed evidence that men between the age of 18 and 30 remained at a greater risk of being injured at the hands of another than any other category. This was based upon the amount of casualties that had been treated. It also showed that Friday and Saturday night was when men were most vulnerable to attacks – particularly induced by alcohol.

Despite these figures criminal injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Depending upon gender people have different coping strategies. Although MLS can not compensate for the psychological and physical damage caused by criminal injuries we try to bring a piece of justice back through monetary compensation. This way criminals even if they have not been found guilty will pay a price.

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