Questions Whether Bullies Should Face Criminal Penalties

Questions Whether Bullies Should Face Criminal Penalties

The city of Carson residing in California has decided to take action against bullying by turning it into a criminal offence. The conduct will be defined as “ wilful course of conduct which involves harassment of a person(s) from kindergarten through age 25?.

Forms of harassment will include any conduct that may cause a person to feel “terrorized frightened intimidated threatened harassed or molested and which serves no legitimate purpose.”

This act has been brought about by studies that have proven the negative impacts on individuals and also communities. These same studies have indicated that 28% of children in school years 6-12 experience bullying nationwide.

An estimated 160000 students nationwide miss school daily because of bullying. In particular gay lesbians transgender and bisexuals have been targeted by bullying.

However some oppose the act and have stated that criminal penalties should be aimed at extreme misbehaviour rather than making fun of someone. They believe that bullying is everywhere and therefore would not expected to be made illegal and they are right! Bullying does happen everywhere and not just between the ages of 6 to 25.

Bullying in the work-place is commonly brought to the courts by employees who have made claims for compensation due to their ill-treatment. This type of bullying culture can result in absenteeism turnover stress risks of accidents and decreased morale productivity and customer service.

How to spot a bully in the work-place:

1. They may set unrealistic expectations or set their employees up to fail.

2. They may make rude hurtful and discriminatory remarks

3. They may display sudden mood swings making them unpredictable.

4. They may take credit for others’ ideas without acknowledging them.

5. They may lie or distort the truth about what others have said in order to advance their own agendas.

Let us know if you are suffering from bullying in the work-place. As a victim we tend to become withdrawn and subdued however now is the time to take action and gain the compensation you deserve.

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