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Current Employment Law – ML Solicitors Claims Advice; Is your business seeking up-to-date legal advice on current employment law as you are looking to avoid litigation at your business in Bradford? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to provide your business with genuine employment law advice and ensure that your organisation is fully compliant with UK laws and legislations to help you avoid legal action at the Employment Tribunal.

No matter what size your business may be or what industry sector you belong to it is vital for you to ensure that your policies and procedures are complaint with UK employment law. In the every changing field that is ?employment law? this can often prove a difficult task for businesses however a failure to keep up to date can make your business liable to pay large sums of compensation if an employee former employee or potential employee decides to start legal proceedings against you.

The highly trained specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to assist in all your employment law needs and they will be able to help you no matter what situation you are faced with. When you first call our team we will get a thorough understanding of the issues you may be tackling and then pass your details to most appropriate available team within Michael Lewin Solicitors; these teams include:

Preclusion – The main aim of this team is to ensure that your business avoids litigation at all cost and they will be able to update your business with regards to employment law draft new contracts of employment implement grievance and disciplinary measure create antidiscrimination policies at your organisation and assist in all your day to day employment law needs

Resolution ? These specialists are there to help businesses who have allegedly failed to keep up to date with employment laws and they will be able to defend your company productively and cost effectively if you are faced with the possibility of legal action. We are actually extremely well-known across Yorkshire for our skills in this field and we always ensure that we do our upmost to achieve a businesses desired outcome.

Does your business need current employment law advice for any of the above issues that may be affecting your commercial organisation in Bradford? The highly trained specialists are just a short phone call away from assisting your business and they will be able to provide you with pragmatic solutions to a problem that you may be faced with.

Our team are always up-to-date with employment law changes and we also look out for potential new laws that are being proposed to ensure that businesses receive the best possible advice available. An article which was published in the HR Magazine on the 29th of July 2013 discusses changes that are looking to be implemented in the years 2013 2014 & 2015 and a particular section of the article discusses the possibility a shared parental leave which is looking at being introduced in 2015 and the article reads ?Enables parents to share up to 50 weeks’ leave and up to 37 week’s statutory maternity pay between them following the birth or adoption of a child. Leave can be taken in one week blocks or longer periods can be interspersed with periods of work and parents can take leave at the same time.? If your business is seeking current employment law advice from a legal team who can assist your organisation in Bradford then you can contact the specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on: 0113 200 9720.


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