Dangerous Products for Children May Still Be Harboured in Your Home

Dangerous Products for Children May Still Be Harboured in Your Home

Is your child safe? When it comes to product liability children’s toys are a common issue for claims and dangerous products may still be harboured in your home without recognition.

Even after recall Nancy Cowles executive director of Kids in Danger stated that the majority of those products remain in consumer households. As a result parents are urged to examine the list of children’s products that have been recalled and immediately remove them from use. If these products have already been proven to be dangerous action can be taken to prevent harm and in some cases death so why not do this?

One example of the effects of ignorance in terms of product use can be found with the issue of Bumbo Baby Seats. They were recalled in 2007 because of falls in which some cases had resulted in skull fractures. In 2011 after a follow-up warning the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was informed about 30 additional babies who had suffered with skull fractures as a consequence of the product.

Over the past decade businesses like the infamous Fisher-Price have recalled over 10 million products over concerns for safety. This figure indicates the imperative nature of checking the safety of products that your children may be subjected to whether it be toys cots or high-chairs.

Recalls continue to occur daily which proves the safety of our children is questionable. It also means that it may be someone else’s fault that your child gets hurt. Michael Lewin Solicitors have recovered thousands of pounds in compensation for the liability of children’s products every year.

Some examples of other dangerous products that have been recalled and may still be harboured in your home are Baby Matters Nap Nanny Recliners; a sleeper which was recalled in 2010 after a 4-month-old baby girl was strangled in one. Easy-Bake Ovens which allow young children to insert their hands into the oven and get their hands and fingers caught resulting in burn hazards. Family Dollar Store Toy Dart Guns which include inch-long orange plastic darts. The darts killed two young boys aged 9 and 10 after getting stuck in their throats and Magnetix Building Sets manufactured with tiny magnets that can fall out and be swallowed. This product killed one child and resulted in dozens requiring intestinal surgery.

Parents should also be extremely wary of Drop Side Cribs. Over 11 million were sold under numerous brands and were recalled in 2007. This is because the drop-side can become loose and create a gap that could either cause a baby to become trapped or strangled. More than 30 deaths have been attributed to this type of cribs and it is strongly advised that parents veer away from any crib with a side that lowers.

Dangerous products may sbe unknowingly harboured in your home and we believe that an accident at someone else’s hands requires just compensation. If your child has fallen victim to product liability call us now on 0844 499 9302 to discuss your claim.

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