Claims Of Unfair Dismissal By Cameron To Win UKIP Voters

Claims Of Unfair Dismissal By Cameron To Win UKIP Voters

Dominic Grieve former Attorney General claims that Cameron fired him in an attempt to win back newly-formed UKIP voters. Grieve along with 14 others were dismissed in the biggest Cabinet clear-out for years. Although some have accepted knighthoods many have said they will not go quietly.

Grieve was Britain’s top law officer for 4 years however his opposition allegedly arose when he infuriated Tory High Command by reiterating the danger of withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights. He maintained that withdrawing would cause their international reputation to be damaged and that It would also potentially make the UK ineligible for EU membership.

However Cameron insists that standing up to Europe over controversial human rights rulings for example whether people in prison should have the right to vote would persuade UKIP voters to get back on-board their party. He believes opposition will bring back power to the British people and those who rule in their name at Westminster.

He is keep to pledge in the next manifesto however Grieve has said Cameron’s notion may be unachievable and that although he also disagrees with some of the Strasbourg Court’s judgements it would be damaging to segregate ourselves from Europe.

Mr Paterson former environment secretary was also among the people to be dismissed by Cameron. As a result he published an attack on those who called for his removal because of his scepticism about the impact of climate change. The general consensus of those let go was that it came as a consequence of standing by principle over politics and not yielding to the majority opinion.

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