Medical Council Furious That Deathly Doctors Have Not Been Suspended

Medical Council Furious That Deathly Doctors Have Not Been Suspended

Hospitals are always liable for their patients and in recent news many have been accountable for deaths due to undertrained staff and improper conduct.

Although two surgeons were found guilty of misconduct after a junior carried out a complicated operation on a pregnant mother-of-three and accidental removed her ovary instead of her appendix they have been given the green light to continue practising with restrictions in place for the next 18 months.

The General Medical Council are outraged as are the family who have lost their mother and wife. The decision not to suspend both doctors has been greatly criticized because the accident was of such magnitude and the doctor in question is reported to have been out of his depth.

Junior doctor Al-Abed was told his errors were “avoidable” had he followed the correct procedures or waited for consultant support.

Senior consultant surgeon Babatunde Julian Coker who should have performed the procedure himself or at least supervised instead went home for a nap.

The hospital trust faces lawsuit however the doctors have not been suspended on the ground that “an otherwise competent and useful doctor who presents no danger to the public should not be removed”. We beg to differ…

If he poses no threat to the general public than why is an innocent mother now dead? Husband Adelino stated that it was not just the doctors present at the procedure that should be condemned because from day one his wife was treated like “a dog” by hospital staff with no respect or due care.

Melissa from MLS says: “Mistakes made by hospital staff are increasing as are claims made against them. Hospitals should be concentrating on training their staff to the correct standards before permitting them to enter into a procedure as operator. Accidents like this can be avoided if rightly targeted action is taken.”

The deceased mother’s 17 year-old son stated: “Our main priority above everything else was to see them held responsible and to get justice but that hasn’t happened.” Questionable as liability is clear.

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