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Debt Collecting; Is your organisation looking for a legal firm who are able to provide services to assist your business in relation to recovering money that you are owed from outstanding commercial invoices? Are you looking for further information on debt collecting in and around the York area? If either or both of these is true you should speak to the team Michael Lewin Solicitors who will provide you with excellent advice regard recovering outstanding money by explaining all the different services that we can offer.

You may have seen that when looking into debt recovery that many of our competitors offer a generic process for a fixed fee regardless of the needs of your business. Our Michael Lewin Solicitors we believe in a personal service we therefore provide you with a tailor-made solution based on the individual circumstances of your organisation to ensure that you would not be embarking on a process which will not be beneficial to your business. In addition we provide you with a personalised price based on the services that we propose you take which ensures that you will not be paying for anything which you will not use.

At Michael Lewin Solicitors me appreciate everyone’s situation is different and it may be that your business has specific requirements as to the outcome of the case. For example one of your debtors could be a long-standing customer and whilst the debt still needs to be recovered it is essential for your organisation that you maintain a good working relationship with this customer to ensure that it does not have a detrimental impact on your future profit levels and customer retention.

Do you need advice on debt collecting to help you recover the outstanding invoices that have remained long overdue from your customers in and around York? At Michael Lewin Solicitors we have a dedicated team who specialise in debt recovery and they are specifically trained in this area which ensures all the advice we will provide you with will be relevant and up-to-date.

Due to the growth we’ve seen in the past two years we receive a number of calls on a daily basis and one of our team is contacted recently by a potential client who had been experiencing difficulties when trying to recover payments for outstanding invoices. This business had heard of the reputation and success rate at Michael Lewin Solicitors and therefore believed that we would be able to help them to successfully recover the amount of £5692.76 owed by Mr I of Bradford.

Should your organisation need assistance with recovering outstanding invoice payments and would now like further information on debt collecting in and around York; you should speak to our team of experts here at Michael Lewin Solicitors whose considerable experience in the field of debt recovery will be able to provide you with comprehensive information on how you can best resolve your organisation’s finances and cash flow. Do not hesitate to call our team today on: (0844) 847 2323


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