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Debt Collection Business; Is your organisation looking for a legal team who are able to provide you with debt collection services for your business in the York area? Are you having difficulty with the considerable amount of outstanding invoices due which is having a detrimental impact on your company’s finances and the overall operations as a whole? If so you should speak to the dedicated team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who are experts in this field and will always aim to provide you with a reliable and friendly service to resolve all of your debt recovery concerns.

At Michael Lewin Solicitors we understand that many businesses do not see the cost benefits of chasing bad debt from a commercial client because of this we always ensure we create atailored and individual campaign in behalf of our client’s to ensure we follow the most effective and economical path. Our initial discussion is free and no obligation and once this has been carried out we will be all to establish the best method to proceed with your case and advise you of the associated fees for these services. Although we do advise you of all the charges upfront where at all possible we will endeavour to recoup these costs from the third party involved in order to maximise the return you receive when collecting on the of debt therefore ensuring you received the most cost-effective resolution for your individual situation.

Due to the service we offer we receive a considerable amount of repeat business and recommendations from our previous clients as they have experienced the cost benefit of the solutions we offer. This has enabled Michael Lewin Solicitors to develop an impressive reputation within the debt recovery business and for this reason one of our team was recently contacted by an organisation who was experiencing extreme difficulties when trying to recover a debt of £1457.44 from Mr A of Milton Keynes they had heard the service we offer and felt we could be of assistance to them.

Do you need to enlist debt collection services to assist you with the recovery of funds for the considerable volume of invoices you have an outstanding with your customers in and around York? At Michael Lewin Solicitors we have a dedicated debt recovery team who have considerable experience in this field and would be able to share with you all their vast knowledge and make recommendations to ensure you reach a cost effective and timely solution to your organisation’s financial concerns.

As previously mentioned we do provide an individual solution to your company based on your business circumstances on many occasions we found the only action we need to take is to issue a “letter of action” to the debtor advising them that if the debt is not settled within the specified timeframe then further litigation proceedings will ensue. In the majority of cases the debtor will settle at this point as they do not want to begin a lengthy and costly court case.

If your organisation needs the assistance of the debt collection business in and around the York area; you should speak to the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to share with you all their experience in order for you to reach a prompt resolution. Call our team today on: (0844) 847 2323


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