Debt Collection Letters For Unpaid Invoices Doncaster

Does your business need the services of a highly successful solicitors firm who can help you create debt collection letters for unpaid invoices that are owed to your corporate organisation in Doncaster? Unpaid invoices can cause difficulties for businesses across the UK as it restricts on cash flow that is often neededfor the day-to-day running of the business however our team at Michael Lewin Solicitors are here to help you in a variety of different ways in regards to debt collection and they will be able to discuss creating letters on your behalf designed specifically around your requirements.

The benefits of creating a letter over taking legal action

A simple letter from a solicitor can often encourage a debtor to settle their account and this can be extremely cost-effective compared to take legal action through County Court. Our team will be able to help you create a number of debt collection letters for various different debtors or we can create one specifically designed letter to send to an individual or commercial organisation. Our team will however first arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and during this consultation we will get a thorough understanding of your business’s needs taking into account the debtor involved in the case & your relationship with this particular organisation or individual. Unlike other solicitors firms who use the same generic letter for every single client our team believe in a personal service and therefore we will draft a letter depending on your requirements.

Take for example a business that recently contacted the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors; this organisation was looking for advice in regards to recouping £735.84 from Mr K who was from Alcester. Our team will have discussed this organisation’s individual requirements during a no obligation consultation and we will have discussed starting the debt collection process depending on the individual circumstances. If this business needed to maintain a working relationship with Mr K in the future then our team may have drafted a letter that was tactful firm but fair to ensure that this relationship remained as unaffected as possible and that the business relationship between this organisation & Mr K remainednatural.

What are the benefits of creating debt collection letters for unpaid invoices as my organisation in Doncaster is looking to do the same?

There are many benefits to creating a letter compared taking legal action and this is usually because of the cost of this service. We only charge extremely small amount for the letters that we draft and in the majority of cases these prove successful. This is because businesses or organisations that do receive a letter drafted by a solicitorare far more likely to pay as they fear facing legal action further down the line and the cost of this service is dramatically less than taking legal action through County Court.

If your business is looking at creating debt collection letters for unpaid invoices that are owed to your organisation in Doncaster then you should consult the highly trained experts working at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will gladly provide you with advice and assistance & discuss creating these on your behalf today on:0844 847 2323.


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