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Debt Collection Solicitors; Are you seeking a team of debt collection solicitors to give you valuable advice on how to proceed with the debt recovery process in relation to a debt owed to your business that is based in Hull?

Then look no further than the understanding and highly skilled experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to use their vast knowledge surrounding debt recovery to perform an investigation into your situation in the form of a no obligation assessment and discuss with you your eligibility to make a claim.

The professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors understand that there are a number of different ways to achieve a satisfactory solution in regards to recovering debt from a client. They understand that it may be necessary for you to maintain an on-going relationship with your debtor and therefore may need to use a gentler approach when recovering a deft. They also understand that it is not always necessary to take your debtor to court to reclaim the money that is rightfully yours.

Can the debt collection experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors advise me on how to go about making a claim for a debt that is owed to our business that is based in Hull?

The experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors cover all areas of the country and therefore would be happy to discuss your situation if your business is based in Hull. They are able to tailor a debt recovery service to meet your company’s needs as they understand that not every organisation is the same.

There will get to know you and your business as the experts believe that having a full understanding of an organisation will help to establish the best way to proceed in regards to recovering a debt for an organisation whilst causing as little stress and anxiety as possible.

The dedicated and highly skilled experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors understand that it can be an incredibly difficult and stressful time for anybody whose business is owed money; whether this be from an individual or another business. They understand that once a debtor is unable to be contacted the chance of recovering the debt from them without legal assistance is very small.

This is why when they were contacted by an organisation that was owed £3750.64 by Mr A from Keighley they did everything in their power to ensure that they had the best chance of recovering the money. Initially the organisation was offered a no obligation assessment of the situation and evidence was gathered to investigate whether they were eligible to begin the debt recovery process against Mr A. once this investigation was carried out the organisation was given detailed and up-to-date advice about the best course of action to take with regards to their individual situation.

So if your business is seeking the help of a team of dedicated debt collection solicitors then please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on (0844) 847 2323to discuss the options available to your business.


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