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Debt Collector; Do you require the specialist services of a professional debt collector to assist you in your pursuit of payment of outstanding debts from non-paying customers? The highly trained and experienced professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide the assistance that you require to obtain payment in full as quickly and efficiently as possible from customers who have thus far failed to pay for the goods or services that they purchase from you.

The dedicated debt recovery team at Michael Lewin Solicitors were recently consulted by client seeking assistance with the retrieval of outstanding funds of £1699.44 from Mr B in Manchester.

Are you seeking assistance to recoup outstanding funds as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that the vital cash flow of your business remains buoyant? The experienced team of professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors understand how important it can be for prompt retrieval of outstanding funds when a customer has failed to pay on time especially during the recent economic uncertainties. Our specialists will work relentlessly are behalf of your company to secure this payment in the most hassle-free way for you.

Are you seeking a reputable and experienced debt collector who can aid you with the retrieval of outstanding funds that are owed to your company by commercial clients or consumers who have failed to pay invoices within the agreed time? Then look no further than the highly skilled and resourceful professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our specialist team of debt collectors could work on behalf of your company to secure full payment from business or personal debtors as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

The Scotsman published an article on August 15 2013 written by Ohn-Paul Ford Rojas reporting that “The Eurozone has finally emerged from its prolonged recession as the latest figures show that it grew by 0.3% in the second quarter of this year”.

The article informs us that “It is the first time that output in the single currency bloc has increased since late 2011”.

It also goes on to say “The end of the recession which lasted for six straight quarters may mark a key moment economies throughout the world as they seek to emerge from downtowns. In Britain the fragile recovery has been dogged by fears over the impact of turbulence in the Eurozone its biggest trading partner.”

The article further explains that “The 0.3% growth across the 17 countries of the single currency area compared to the last quarter announced by the European Union’s Eurostat office was slightly ahead of expectations of 0.2%. It was largely driven by Germany Europe’s biggest economy gaining stream with a 0.7% increase in output at a flat start the year.”

If you require the services of a proficient debt collector to help your company secure payment of outstanding funds using the quickest and most cost-effective method is available in your particular circumstances you should consult with the experts on our dedicated debt recovery team at Michael Lewin Solicitors for debt recovery solutions that are tailored for your business needs by calling: (0844) 847 2323.


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