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Is your business struggling with the amount of unpaid invoices you have and you would like additional assistance from a team of experienced professional debt collectors in the UK or more specifically in and around York? If this is the case then you should make a no obligation call to Michael Lewin Solicitors to find out how our dedicated team of debt recovery specialists can help you with the problems of late payments and outstanding invoices that your organisation is experiencing.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have gained a wealth of experience from working with all our previous clients across all legal aspects and the additional knowledge we have gained from our impressive success rate in resolving cases for our clients. We work with organisations of all sizes across all industries within the UK and have managed to build up an impeccable nationwide reputation. Because of this we were recently contacted by an organisation who had been experiencing difficulty when trying to collect a debt of £2823.95 owed by Mr A of Milton Keynes and they believe that we would be the ideal company to help them reach a suitable resolution to their financial concerns.

When you contact our team you will be allocated a dedicated case manager who will be your contacts throughout the whole claims process. They will initially discuss the full background of your debt recovery needs in order for us to provide you with a tailor-made solution suited to your circumstances. They will advise you of all the cost implications which there maybe to your case and they will keep you updated on the progress at regular intervals so that there are no surprises further down the line. Whilst there will obviously be charges for our services we will always endeavour to recover these third-party debtor involved in order to maximise the return you receive for a successful claim.

Is your organisation in search of assistance from a debt collectors agency in the UK or more locally in York? If so you should speak to the dedicated team of experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will provide you with all the assistance they need in order to reach a cost effective and timely resolution to your debt recovery service.

Michael Lewin Solicitors who believe in keeping things simple and we believe this is the best solution for a speedy and successful debt recovery. Will initially send your debtor a “letter of action” to advise them that if the payment is not made within a specified timeframe then litigation proceedings will ensue. We found from past experience that the majority of people will respond to this letter and settle the debt as they would prefer to avoid a lengthy and expensive court case.

If your finances are being affected by the late payment of outstanding commercial invoices and you would now like assistance from a legal firm who can provide a debt collector service in the UK particularly in York; you should contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who have considerable experience in the field and are more than willing to provide you with all the advice that you need. Call us today on: (0844) 847 2323


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