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Debt Recovery Business; Is your organisation struggling with outstanding unpaid invoices and you would now like to enlist the services of a debt recovery business in and around Doncaster in order to you to achieve a cost effective and timely resolution to your financial concerns? If so the highly trained and experienced team at Michael Lewin Solicitors have experience to aid your organisation with the retrieval of all outstanding funds that are owed to you by non-paying customers.

Michael Lewin Solicitors advert was organisations of all sizes from sole traders through to multinational corporations across every industry within the United Kingdom. This extensive background has enabled us to acquire an impressive success rate and impeccable reputation within the fields of debt recovery. In the words when you buy goods or services to your customers they have a legal right to expect payment within a reasonable timescale. Our vast experience across this area enables us to provide you with a simple cost-effective and timely resolution to all your financial concerns.

Due to extensive previous successes we receive a considerable amount of repeat business from long-standing clients. It was for this reason we were contacted by an organisation that was experiencing difficulties when trying to recover a debt of £1517.68 from Mr R of Sunderland. He had taken advantage of the goods and services on offer from a client but as yet he had shown no indication that he had any intention of settling what he owed. The client was at the end of their tether as this late payment was having a knock-on effect on the overall finances of the business and therefore contacted us to get the matter resolved quickly.

Does your company require assistance from a specialist debt recovery business based in and around the Doncaster area? Is the amount of outstanding payments use your organisation having a detrimental impact on your business as a whole? If this is true you should contact one of our team at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will provide you with a friendly and reliable service you can trust to deal with all of your businesses financial concerns.

Before we can identify the best solution to your financial concerns we will arrange an initial no obligation consultation to discuss all the facts surrounding your debt recovery concerns. We can then make our recommendations on the best method to resolve this situation quickly for your organisation. We believe in keeping things simple and we normally use a standard three stage process to resolve all of our cases. However in our vast experience the first stage is the most successful and the issue of letter to your debtor advising them that if the payment is not made promptly we will begin litigation proceedingsin the majority of situations this is enough to encourage the debtor to settle.

If you would like to enlist the services of a debt recovery business in order to assist you with recouping the late payments of all your outstanding invoices from your customers in around Doncaster; you should contact the team of experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who have considerable experience and will ensure that they provide you with a simple and cost-effective solution to your financial worries. Call us today on: 0844 847 2323


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