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Debt Recovery Collection Agency; Is the cash flow of your organisation being impeded by the late payment of outstanding invoices by customers? Are you now looking for additional assistance from a debt recovery and collection agency in the Doncaster area? Due to continued growth Michael Lewin Solicitors now has a team of debt recovery specialists who are legally trained in this area and will be able to provide you with all the relevant and up-to-date information you need in order to resolve this unfortunate situation.

Michael Lewin Solicitors have worked with organisations of all sizes and all industries across the United Kingdom. We have considerable experience in this field which enables us to appreciate that everybody situation is different. Unlike many of our competitors we do not offer a generic solution to your debt recovery needs and we will tailor make the solution we provide based on your individual circumstances. In addition the price for our legal fees is purely dependent services you use we do not offer a fixed fee per package of which you do not take full advantage.

When you contact Michael Lewin Solicitors you be allocated a dedicated case manager who is legally trained on all aspects of debt recovery. They will initially organise a free no obligation meeting with you to discuss all the facts surrounding your case in order for is to make our recommendations. As part of our process will also engage in one-to-one contact with your debtor is essential that we understand that they have the ability to settle what they owe if they do not have sufficient funds or assets to cover this then it may not be viable for is to take your case forwards.

I am concerned with the financial status of my organisation which has resulted from the volume of outstanding invoices which remain unpaid. I am now looking to list the services of debt recovery and collection agency in the Doncaster area to help me achieve a successful outcome to this problem; do Michael Lewin Solicitors have a proven track record of successfully helping company such as mine to recover the debt they are owed?

Over the past 10 years Michael Lewin Solicitors have built up an impressive reputation our success rate specifically across Yorkshire were also covering the entire United Kingdom has enabled us to retain a lot of repeat customers. It is for these reasons we were contacted by a prospective client who was experiencing difficulties when trying to collect a debt of £1725.81 from Mr S of London. Our client tried on numerous occasions to recoup this debt but now felt they had no other option than to take further action to recover the outstanding payments.

If your business needs additional assistance to recoup on outstanding invoice payments and you now looking for a debt recovery and collection agency and around Doncaster; you should contact the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who have considerable experience in this field and who you would be more than willing to help. Call us today on (0844) 847 2323


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