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Debt Recovery Solicitor; Do you require the specialist services of a dedicated debt recovery solicitor to aid your organisation with the retrieval of outstanding funds that are owed by business or personal debtors in Bradford? Then you should make a no obligation call to the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our highly trained and experienced team could work on your behalf to recoup the money that is owed to you by commercial clients or consumers in Bradford.

Our experts were recently consulted by a client it required assistance to retrieve outstanding funds of £1051.20 from Ms K in Southall.

Do you require the assistance of our experts to help you obtain payment of outstanding debts that are owed to your company? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our extremely dedicated debt recovery team for an efficient service to retrieve money that is owed to your company by business or personal debtors working as quickly as possible to ensure that vital cash flow of your organisation is not restricted.

Are you in search of experienced debt recovery solicitor who could help your company in Bradford in the pursuit of outstanding debts? Then look no further than the dedicated debt recovery team at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our experts could provide a prompt and reliable service to secure full payment of outstanding funds that are to you for the goods or services that your company provided.

BBC News published an article on 7 August 2013 reporting that “Payday lenders face advertising ban in Newcastle”.

The article tells us that “Billboard adverts for so-called payday loan firms could be banned in Newcastle after councillors reported a 400% rise in people seeking help with debts”.

It goes on to say “Newcastle City Council has already blocked access to the most popular payday websites from computers at its libraries and customer service centres. More than 22000 people in the city sought help from debt advice agencies in 2012 according to the authority. The trade body of short-term lenders that it was “concerned” at the move.”

The article also informs us that “Last month Plymouth City Council imposed a similar restrictions saying it wanted to protect people from “spiralling debt”. Payday lenders some of which charge annual interest rate of several thousand percent has been accused of a variety of poor practices including aggressive debt collection and failing to work out whether payments are affordable.”

The experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors will use their experience and expertise in the field of debt recovery to always provide an extremely professional service when collecting outstanding payment on behalf of your organisation.

If you are seeking professional services from a specialist debt recovery solicitor you should make a no obligation call to the skilled and highly driven team of debt recovery specialists at Michael Lewin Solicitors a fast and cost-effective service that you can rely upon to get the job done on behalf of your company in Bradford; so contact our helpful advisers today for a free initial consultation call on: (0844) 847 2323.


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