Come to the top professionals at Michael Lewin if you have been injured after using defective equipment in your workplace and you think you may be entitled to get compensation in Manchester.

Mr H was only 26 when he was injured in a workplace accident.He had been using a commercial drilling rig as he had been shown. The casing of the commercial drilling rig came off its runners and smashed onto his foot.

Employees can refuse to work with equipment which they feel is defective and which they feel provides an increased risk of injury to themselves on those grounds. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees who choose not to work on that basis.

When workplaces are required to issue staff with equipment this equipment should undergo safety checks regularly the employer should also have available to all staff or a procedure to follow whereby staff can make the employer aware of any faulty or defective equipment before it causes any harm.

If you have suffered an injury at work after using defective equipment and you think that you may have a valid claim for compensation in Manchester then the fully competent staff at Michael Lewin can help.

As a result of his employers negligence to provide safe equipment Mr H has been left with a permanent deformity to the foot. Every employee should be provided with equipment that is regularly maintained and safe for use. Failure to do this is the cause of most work place accidents.

Employees should also look to check if their employer has employer’s liability and an up-to-date certificate of employer’s liability insurance. This certificate should clearly show the minimum level of cover and the company covered by the policy. This certificate does not give your employer the right to ignore any further health and safety guidelines; however it is a statutory requirement to have this available on request. From 2008 employers may have received a copy of this certificate electronically; this method of displaying the certificate has been acceptable since then. If you happen to notice that you workplace is not providing equipment which is fully up-to-date and safe to use then you need to inform the health and safety executive within your organisation.

If defective equipment has been the cause of your workplace injuries and you have suffered financial losses as a direct result of these injuries then you could be entitled to claim compensation in Manchester call us on:0844 499 9302.

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