Having difficulty writing to airlines?

There is now an increasing awareness from passengers of their right to claim compensation for delayed flights. Many people write to the airlines themselves to get the compensation they are entitled.

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Unfortunately, airlines are often uncooperative when a passenger attempts to claim themselves. The reason is for this that the airline is trying to make the claim more difficult so that the passenger eventually gives up, or that they end up out of time to bring a claim.

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If this happens to you, Michael Lewin Solicitors can help. It is often the case that the airline will attempt to delay or reject the claim when you write to them, but then pay out once we write to them.

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One example of this was a recent client, who tried to claim against Lufthansa for the compensation he was legally entitled to. The airline ignored his letters on several occasions, and when they did respond they told him that they had lost his initial letter and he needed to resend it. When he did resend the letter, they ignored him again causing a lengthy delay. Lufthansa delayed the claim so much that the client almost ran out of time to bring a claim.

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Once Michael Lewin Solicitors was instructed, the airline’s responses were prompt and far more cooperative. The reason for this is that through our knowledge and expertise we have a reputation amongst airlines of winning even the most difficult of cases. This means they are more likely to pay out when we write to them.

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If you have already written to an airline with no joy, or you want to avoid their delays and excuses, contact Michael Lewin Solicitors today for free and friendly advice!

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