Case Study: Disability Discrimination Act Employment case in Bristol

Disability Discrimination Act Employment Bristol Are you ready to think about embarking upon a claim for compensation and would like to find out more about the disability discrimination act for employment in Bristol by speaking to Michael Lewin Solicitors? Have you been involved in a set of circumstances which has made your working life extremely difficult and would like to find out whether a claim for compensation could be something that you could look at? Do you think that the situations that you have been subjected to where you work could possibly make you eligible to claim for compensation against your employer and would like to get the advice of an expert?

We received contact from a client called Mrs H who explained that she would like to find out more about constructive dismissals and general information about employment law as she had to resign from her previous job. She explained that the company that she was working for were unwilling to compromise. Mrs H was working as a sales executive for approximately 2 years and had a contract of employment working 9 to 5.

She received a company car as part of her job involved travelling to appointments all over the UK. After she had received the car her job title changed and she was given a larger workload and more responsibility. She asked her employers if she would be able to receive a pay rise to accommodate this but they denied her this application and then informed her that because she had a company car she was now in a higher tax bracket and would be taxed more. Mrs H explained that she did make efforts to compromise with the company until it became too difficult for her to continue and she had no choice but to resign.

Have you gone through similar circumstances or have been discriminated against for a disability and would like to find out more about the disability discrimination act and employment in Bristol? Would you like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors so that you can get the advice that you have been looking for?

Claiming for compensation can mean that you are ready to speak to a professional about a situation that you have been involved in. Michael Lewin Solicitors are experts in employment law and may be able to help you with your case. Any kind of disability discrimination or discrimination in general is illegal in the workplace and if it can be proven it is possible that compensation could be awarded to the individual that has been a victim in this way.

If you do decide that you would like to process a claim for compensation we advise that you collate all the information possible so to strengthen the case making it have for the best possible chance of being successful.

Once you have decided that you would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about the disability discrimination act and employment in Bristol you can contact our team by calling 0844 844 9866.

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