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Disability Discrimination Compensation Manchester Do you feel you are the victim of disability discrimination at your place of work and are now seeking compensation from your employer in Manchester? You need to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors who can assist you in taking your employer to an employment tribunal where they may be ordered to pay you compensation if we can prove that you have suffered as a direct result of their actions.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. Employers need to ensure that they take reasonable steps to ensure that their working environment is suitable for those with a disability. They cannot discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their disability and advertised job positions must be open to all providing the disability does not stop a worker from performing a key role.

Cases involving disability discrimination are often published in the news and a particular high-profile case which was reported in the Personnel Today on Monday 11 July 2011 was involving a man who was dismissed from his job because he had a stroke. The article quotes ?A man who was dismissed from his job following a stroke has been awarded nearly œ400000 in compensation for disability discrimination.?

In the case above the claimant’s doctor stated that he would need to avoid stress at work in order to return to his employment however his employer decided that no role at the company would be without stress so decided to dismiss him. The tribunal found that the dismissal amounted to disability discrimination as the employer had failed to make reasonable adjustments in regards to the working environment.

Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to assess your case for disability discrimination and if they feel that you meet the grounds to make a successful claim we will be able to seek compensation on your behalf in Manchester.

The majority of cases involving disability discrimination will either involve unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal which will be related to a person’s disability. On the 2nd January 2013 the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors received an enquiry from Mr E from Wrexham who believed he was unfairly dismissed from his place of work.

If Mr E was a disabled worker and his employer dismissed him because of this then this would make the grounds for unfair dismissal. If Mr E asked for reasonable adjustments and these were refused and Mr E then decided to leave because of this then this could class as constructive dismissal.

The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will happily discuss your case for disability discrimination and can inform you whether you would be eligible to achieve a compensation award; why not discuss your specific case involving your employer in Manchester by calling one of the team today on:0844 844 9866.

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