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Disciplinary Action – MLS; Would you like to discuss the procedures involved in beginning disciplinary action against one of your employees whether you are based in Doncaster or anywhere else in the country?

Then now is the time to get in touch with the highly skilled and knowledgeable experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors who will be able to use their vast knowledge of employment law to advise you on the best course of action to take.

There are many reasons that you may feel that one of your employees requires disciplinary action being taken against them and this disciplinary action may result in dismissal. These issues can include:

? Gross misconduct ? if an employee has been stealing abusing drugs or alcohol or displaying threatening or violent behaviour towards their colleagues the business or the property
? Underperformance of employees ? if an employee has not been performing to the required standard and this does not improve with training
? Employee conduct ? if employee is continually missing work or has poor discipline.
? Persistent illness ? if an employee has been on long-term sick and the sickness is not caused by the job itself
? Statutory restriction ? if as an employer you would be breaking the law if you continued to employee a specific person. For example if you employed a driver who did not have a driving licence
? Economical technical or organisational reasons ? if your business is downsizing has an organisational reshuffle or relocates then it may be possible to provide your staff with a redundancy package

How do I know if I am legally allowed to take disciplinary action against one of my employees at my business in Doncaster?

It is important for you to get in touch with the experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors are soon as you realise that you may need to take disciplinary action against an employee. It is a lot easier to resolve an issue with a member of staff if you have not already begun a disciplinary procedure with them as if you are unfairly disciplining them then they may be able to make a claim against you at an employment tribunal.

An article published on 17 November 2011 on the Personnel Today website provides a summary of the decisions of the code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures that include examples of common pitfalls. The article includes things such as not warning employees of the consequences of disciplinary action; about explaining to an employee why they are being disciplined; not providing relevant evidence as to why an employee is being disciplined; not allowing you employee to be accompanied at a disciplinary hearing; failing to keep a clear record of the whole of the disciplinary process; having an inadequate appeals protocol.

So if you would like to discuss the details relating to disciplinary action in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of how to proceed with issues then contact the highly skilled and conscientious experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors today on 0113 200 9720and receive the advice that you require whether your business is based in Doncaster or further afield.


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