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Discrimination In The Workplace Claim Bristol Have you been looking for the right team to help you with your discrimination in the workplace claim in Bristol? Do you think that Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help you and you would like to discuss the details of your case with one of our advisers to find more information? Have you been suffering at work and have decided that the treatment that you have received could warrant a case for compensation?

Discrimination at work can result in high amounts of stress and could potentially lead to an employment dispute. We were contacted by Mr S who explained that he was looking for advice on making a claim against his employers after experiencing unfair treatment at work which led to him suffering stress. He was employed by a large software services company and worked for the company for four years based in India initially but moving to a UK branch. Mr S was contracted to 40 hours per week but on several occasions over a long period of time he was made to work 12 hour days six days a week sometimes seven.

As a result of this heavy workload he began to struggle and his diabetes worsened leading to him being rushed to hospital after experiencing chest pains at work. Eventually his GP diagnosed him with work-related stress and gave a letter to him stating that he should not be working more than his contracted hours. The conditions did not improve and Mr S decided to contact Michael Lewin Solicitors for further advice as to whether this was an employment dispute relating to stress at work. Relevant documentation that is given from doctors in these kinds of circumstances can prove to be vital when trying to prove that an individual has suffered due to elevated stress levels.

Do you think that you have suffered in this way and would like to get advice about a discrimination in the workplace claim in Bristol so that you can make an educated decision as to whether you would like to pursue a claim for compensation? Would you like to speak to Michael Lewis solicitors about your situation?

If a person is subjected to large amounts of stress that are affecting their health or deteriorating their mental state of mind it can be construed that they are experiencing unnecessary levels of stress at work which could contribute to a claim for compensation. If there is evidence or proof to support that a person should not be exposed to such a high amount of workload or that they have experienced repeated levels of high demand on their working hours this could also go to contribute to a case of this kind.

If a person has a doctor’s note that suggests that they are working too hard and the employer still continues to put pressure on this individual to perform at a higher level it is possible that a case of compensation could be brought against the employer.

If you believe that you have been affected in this way and like advice about a discrimination in the workplace claim in Bristol you can contact Michael Lewin Solicitors by calling0844 844 9866.

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