Drink Driving over the Festive Period

drink drivingIt is that time of year again where we reflect on the past year and reminisce about those who are no longer around to share this joyous occasion with us.

It is also the time of year where many of us will enjoy a tipple – not necessarily thinking about the devastating consequences that extra glass of wine with dinner may cause.

We might believe that we will still be under the limit with that one extra glass of wine or can of lager, but this is not always the case; one unit of alcohol can take on average an hour to leave the body (although it does depend on a number of factors), this means that alcohol can still be in your body the morning after a few drinks the previous evening.

In 2012, a college student left his house to visit a friend at 7am in the morning. Unfortunately, he never reached his destination. He had lost control of his vehicle on a bend and collided head on with an oncoming vehicle. The Police discovered that the student had twice the drink drive limit in his system, after drinking heavily the night before.

In 2013, Joseph Saleh-Eldin was jailed for killing his friend whilst driving under the influence. He was changing the radio station when he lost control of his vehicle and veered off the road.

One silly mistake, ruins numerous lives, from the two men in the vehicle to the family and friends of both.

THINK! has launched a new campaign targeted at those who think its okay to drive after a couple of drinks or drink the morning after. Their scenarios show the deadly consequences that drink driving can have. It is not only your life that will be affected.

So remember, if you are driving, the only truly safe limit is no alcohol at all.

Don’t accept a lift from a driver if you know or believe that they have been drinking, don’t offer an alcoholic drink to someone you know is driving or planning to, if you’re drinking, plan how you are going to get home and remember that you could still be under the influence the morning after.

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