Should E-Cigarettes Be Legal?

Should E-Cigarettes Be Legal?

E-Cigarettes the lesser of two evils as reports suggest that they enable smokers to be 60 percent more likely to quit. The problem however is that their long term health implication are still unknown.

Although smokers are not consuming the 7000 chemicals that cigarettes contain 60 of which cause cancer e-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine. This has the potential to cause poisoning as there are 250 kinds of e-cigarettes that have been manufactured but no knowledge about how much liquid nicotine each type has per drag and as they are not regulated medicines the ingredients and amount of nicotine contained within each e-cigarette may vary.

Executive director of the Schroeder National Institute for Tobacco Research stated that the big concern is the effects of breathing in nicotine vapor. The vapor has also been found to make humans more susceptible to deadly diseases like MRSA by making them stronger and more toxic because it makes the bugs think they are in danger. It also weakens the body’s ability to fight the antibiotic-resistant illness.

E-Cigarettes also contain propylene glycol which again raises concern. Studies show that the clear colourless liquid does not cause health damage unless exposure is in large quantities and would be near impossible to cause toxicity when consuming foods or supplements with it in. However experts are wary about the health implications of heating it into a vapor to be inhaled. They question whether inhaling heated propylene glycol is safe especially if done continually.

The other issue is damage to the lungs. A recent investigation found that e-cigarettes cause less oxygen to be absorbed by the blood. Researchers found that smoking a single e-cigarette for 10 minutes caused an increase in airway resistance blocking the air getting into and out of the lungs.

Who knows with further investigation into e-cigarettes the product may be recalled in years to come and face a number of product liability claims! After all the knowledge about inhaling liquid nicotine and propylene glycol is extremely limited.

Melissa from MLS says: “It is scary to think how many people are smoking e-cigarettes with no real knowledge about their health implications. Yes they may help smokers quit smoking real cigarettes however people may still be cutting their life short with this product. Really the research should have been done before allowing such a product to be manufactured for consumption. It may be harmless but what if it is not? And if this is the case we will soon have to face the consequences. The number of calls received by poison control centers regarding liquid nicotine poisoning has already exploded from 1 per month in September 2010 to 215 per month this year."

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