Elderly Targeted In Their Own Homes

Elderly Targeted In Their Own Homes

Think of your grandma sat in her chair watching TV and feeling safe as she takes the first sip of her cup of tea. Now think of her answering the door to a stranger someone who pushes her out the way and who violently attacks her (even though she poses no threat of restraining anyone) before stealing some of her possessions.

Aaron Davis a 17 year-old boy from Kent has been charged with multiple offences regarding the attack and burglary of elderly victims in their homes.

Two of the houses he targeted were on the same road leaving the community in much fright. 81 year-old June Carr was pushed to the ground at her front door after he approached her by offering to do some work. She was left unconscious with a fractured skull and two bleeds to the brain. Her neighbours did not find her until several hours later and by then David had already returned after stealing her son’s wallet and some other belongings to raid her garden shed.

Her sister-in-law has stated June is no longer the person she was before the attack – she no longer listens to the radio or watches TV or potters about the house. Instead she sits lifeless on the sofa and has no regard for socialising or going out.

The effect on his victims has been life-altering and the nature of his crimes focusing around the vulnerable has left him with a ten year prison sentence as the judge deemed his offences as gratuitous.

His second burglary targeted dementia sufferer John McDougall 84 and his wife and carer Jean 89. He first knocked on their home in order to ask the time. After scoping out his subjects he later returned to demand money. Both were found later by a neighbour bloody and seriously injured.

Mrs McDougall suffered serious bruising around her eyes face and upper arm a lip laceration bleeding on her brain and a compression fracture to the top of her spine – which still causes her pain.

After beating both victims with a walking stick he found on the premises he then stole some of their personal items – jewellery and cash. Mrs McDougall is now on anti-depressants and has stated severe psychological distress. She stated that if she hears a noise at night she lies awake terrified and that her husband is also suffering terribly. Since the incident he has lost a stone and complains about terrible pains and headaches.

Melissa from MLS says: “Their safety and peace of mind has completely deteriorated. It has not only impacted those involved but also the entire community. With such a small financial gain actually received by the attack it becomes more sinister and more terrifying that anyone could be targeted at any time. Pensioners or anyone for that matter should not have to suffer criminal injury at the foot of their own doorsteps. We can only hope that with his sentencing Davis will be taught a valuable lesson and will be stopped from committing any more harm.”

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