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Employment Compensation Advice Lawyer Bristol Have you been looking for the right kind of firm to represent you in your case and would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors so that you can get employment compensation advice from the most appropriate lawyer in Bristol? Do you think that you would benefit by speaking to one of our expert advisers with regards to a situation that you have been experiencing at work and believe that there has been mistreatment involved in your situation? Are you trying to seek the advice of a team that could potentially assist in getting compensation for what you have gone through?[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Michael Lewin Solicitors are a team that has been trained to be able to give advice in any circumstances that a client may approach with. We received an enquiry from Mrs B who was employed by large manufacturing company as an administrative assistant working approximately 30 hours a week. Mrs B explained that she had not signed a contract with her employers and towards the latter end of her employment she took two days off as sick or went home from work as she was sick whilst at work. Mrs B explained that once she had visited her GP they realised that she was pregnant.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Mrs B contacted her employer to explain the situation who then advised that they would call her back and speak to her in more detail at a later date. When she did receive the second phone call she was advised by her employer that her employment would be terminated due to her absences and poor work performance. Mrs B was contacting Michael Lewin Solicitors to establish whether she had grounds for a case for compensation following the way that her employer had behaved.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Do you think that you have been unfairly treated at work and would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors so that you can receive employment compensation advice from a lawyer in Bristol? Have you been trying to access the right team of people to be able to successfully represent you in your case so that you can begin to resolve the situation that has developed?[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

If you have suffered from a similar kind of dismissal through either a pregnancy or maternity leave it may be that you can get compensation for the way that your employer has behaved towards you. It can be classed as not following the employment codes of conduct by terminating a person’s employment simply because they are pregnant as there has to be protocol followed to make a termination a legitimate.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

If you have found yourself in a similar set of circumstances it may be that Michael Lewin Solicitors could help providing the instances surrounding your case conform to the laws that are in place to protect employees and employers from any kind of circumstances that affect them.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

If you would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors to get employment compensation advice from a lawyer in Bristol you can contact our team by calling the offices on 0844 844 9866.


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