Case Study: The unfair dismissal of Mr P

Employment Compensation Claim Are you trying to find the right advice that would suit you with regards to your employment compensation claim so that you can begin to move forward following an incident that has happened at work? Do you believe that believe that the way you have been treated at work has been unfair and would now like to contest this via a claim for compensation to make sure that you are receiving some kind of award for the damages that you have suffered? Are you now unemployed due to the discrimination that has occurred at work which has left you no choice but to leave due to you being unable to stay at your place of work?

Michael Lewin Solicitors specialise in the field of employment law and will be able to advise you in great detail as to what is the best thing to do next. We were contacted by a client of ours called Mr P who lived in Porth and decided that he needed advice regarding an unfair dismissal complaint. If you have suffered from unfair dismissal Michael Lewin Solicitors may be to help you.

An unfair dismissal occurs when a member of staff is made to leave their place of employment without the necessary procedures being followed or the correct protocols being used in alignment with the contracts that both the employer and the employee should be abiding by. If as an employee you have made no mistakes that breach your contract there needs to be some kind of valid reason to be dismissing you from the workforce.

Do you believe that you have suffered mistreatment at your place of work and would now like some advice about an employment compensation claim so that you can resolve your situation? Would you benefit from speaking to one of our advisers about how we can help to make sure that you are able to move on from what you have suffered?

Unfair dismissals occur in today’s society and are problem for many people. Michael Lewin Solicitors have years of experience in being able to assist people who have been unfairly dismissed and may be able to help you with your case. If you believe that you have gone through a situation like this by contacting our team and giving us the details of what has happened we may be able to help you or advise you as what is the best thing to do next.

It is not legal for an employer to dismiss a member of staff without good reason or without following the protocols that are required for an instant dismissal. If it can be proven that you have done nothing wrong there is scope for a case for compensation.

If you believe that you may be able to formulate a case and would like employment compensation claim advice you can contact her team by calling0844 844 9866.

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