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Employment Contract – ML Solicitors; Does your business need employment law advice in relation to creating a contract of employment for your business in Bradford? Are you involved in a contractual dispute where an employee believes you breached their contractual rights? The team at Michael Lewin Solicitors can provide your business with advice and assistance in regards to any issue that you are faced with whether this is creating a new contract of employment or helping you resolve an issue within the working environment.

The level of expertise on offer at Michael Lewin Solicitors

Our team have extensive experience in all fields of employment law and because we are so successful at helping employers in various different issues we have actually now subcategorised our team into different departments to ensure that businesses receive advice that is tailored to their needs. We have departments that can help you in the following issues:

? Avoiding litigation – this team of solicitors can help your business in a variety of different issues that aim to help you avoid litigation. Whether this is drafting new contracts of employment that abide by UK law helping you create disciplinary and grievance procedures imposing antidiscrimination policies or looking over any policies and procedures that you have within your business to ensure that they are up-to-date with UK law.
? Defending organisations – organisations that are facing legal action for a variety of different claims can speak to our dispute resolution team who will be able to offer advice and where needed legal representation. Our team have extensive experience in various different types of claims including breach of contract unfair dismissal constructive dismissal discrimination and wrongful dismissal.

Is your organisation wondering what the benefits of creating an employment contract are for your organisation in Bradford?

Although many organisations only provide a written statement of the particulars a written contract of employment can be extremely advantageous for organisations. Businesses that have contracts of employment that are successful and bespoke often have a more productive and better contented workforce. These types of organisations are also less likely to be involved in litigation as employees understand what is expected of them within the working environment and also have a thorough understanding of how to raise a concern internally.

An article which was published in the Personnel Today on 1 June 2004 discusses contracts of employment and pay and benefits. A particular section of the article reads ?it is an implied term of every employee’s contract of employment that the employer will pay him or her wages. In return the employee must be ready and willing to perform all his or her duties under the contract.?

If your organisation is facing legal action at the Employment Tribunal for a breach of contract compensation claim or if you are seeking advice in regards to creating a new contract of employment for your business in Bradford you can contact the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors for advice and assistance today on:0113 200 9720.


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