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Employment Contract – MLS; Has one of your employees threatened employment tribunal action after raising a grievance with regards to their employment contract at your organisation in Leeds? If so it is essential that you obtain accurate and personalised guidance and legal representation from professionals who specialise in this particular area of law and should consult the dedicated team of experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our specialists have vast experience in achieving successful outcomes on behalf of various sized enterprises by negotiation mediation arbitration and representation at employment tribunal hearings.

Every worker has a contract of employment although this is not always written down in one document or even at all. Within the completion of two months service every worker has the right to have their main contract terms written down in a statement of terms and conditions. This statement should include particulars of rate of pay hours of work and holiday entitlement amongst other things.

All employees are entitled to individual written pay statement as a statutory right. This pay statement should show any deductions that are made and the reasons for the deduction. Nearly all workers are entitled to be paid National Minimum Wage.

Has your organisation had a compensation claim brought against it by an employee or former employee who feels that a breach of their employment contract has been made on your part in Leeds?Then you should consult the highly skilled professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors as our dedicated team will always strive to achieve a successful outcome as quickly and cost effectively as possible by negotiation with the employee on your behalf but failing this provide the representation that you need to protect the interests of your organisation should court proceedings ensue.

ACAS published an article discussing pay payslips and pay deductions stating that "Pay is one of the most important factors in our working life. It’s a sensitive subject ? the way it handled and have a big impact on morale and productivity. The challenge most companies is the second system pay levels that gives value for money while rewarding workers fairly."

The article goes on to say that "All employees are entitled to an individual written a statement on or before the time they are paid."

It further adds "If there is a dispute relating to the itemised pay statement provisions every effort should be made to resolve it in the workplace with recourse to formal internal procedures are necessary. If the problem persists should be referred to an employment tribunal."

If you are an employer who is involved in a dispute with an employee over the terms of their employment contract or a breach that they feel has been made on your part you should consult the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors in Leeds to discuss your case with our dedicated commercial law specialists and discover how our team could quickly and cost effectively manage the situation on your behalf achieving the best possible outcome available to you by reaching an out-of-court settlement or providing robust representation at an employment tribunal hearing; so call today on: 0113 200 9720.


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