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Pay and Benefits Magazine published an article on 30 April 2013 outlining a recent employment tribunal case – Zulhayir v JJ Food Services Ltd [2013] All ER (D) 49 (Mar).

The article informs us that "After an accident at work the employee lost contact with the employer. However beforehand he had launched a personal injury claim. The issue was whether the employer was right to dismiss."

It further explains "The employee was a delivery driver. His contract contained a clause that required him to notify the employer of any change of address. In January 2005 he was seriously injured in an accident at work and he was unable to continue in his job. Until June 2005 the employee had provided the employer with medical certificates so that he could receive statutory sick pay. It then stopped and seized a direct contact with the employer. In the same month he instructed lawyers to represent him in a personal injury claim against the employer relating to the accident."

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The above-mentioned article further tells us "In January 2006 the employee was evicted and he did not notify the employer of his new address. In June 2006 the employer wrote to the employee asking whether he wished to continue his employment. If you fail to respond within seven days the employer would conclude that he had terminated his employment. The letter was sent out by return to the employer as unread. The employer Julie treated the contract of employment is terminated and made no further attempts to contact the worker."

It goes on to say that "In May 2009 the employee had a medical examination in relation to the personal injury claim. It declared that he would be able to return to his pre-accident job with the adjustment of no heavy lifting. The employee brought claims for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. The latter claim the employee submitted that the employer should have made him an offer of alternative employment. The tribunal rejected his claims. The employee appealed."

The article explains that the clause in the contract did not accept the employer and they could have taken reasonable steps to use alternative means of the medication. It was concluded that "the employer’s failure to use other means to make contact meant the dismissal had been unfair". The employee’s claims would be remitted to the same tribunal for a hearing.

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