Disability Discrimination Manchester Claim

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Manchester Are you looking for employment law expert as you feel that you are the victim of discrimination at work and you need a lawyer to help you take your employer to an employment tribunal in Manchester? You should speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors who can provide you with legal representation in an employment tribunal and our team will do everything in their power to achieve the maximum amount of compensation for your specific case of discrimination.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of age sex gender sexual orientation marital status being pregnant or any other characteristic protected under the Equality Act 2010. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that they do not discriminate against employees and if an employee complains to them about discriminative or harassing behaviour then it is their responsibility to solve the problem.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

An article involving disability discrimination was published in the Liverpool Echo on the 6th June 2009. The article states that ?Liverpool mental health charityImagine accused of disability discrimination act employment tribunal. An arthritic mental health worker had to wait 19 weeks to get arms fitted onto her work chair a tribunal heard. Christina Young 61 is taking Liverpool mental health charity Imagine to an employment tribunal for disability discrimination.?[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

If Christina Young was successful in her case of disability discrimination the chances are the compensation award she would achieve would be large. The victims of disability discrimination often receive large compensation awards for their cases.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

If you are similar to the case above and have been the victim of employment discrimination then a specialist lawyer working at Michael Lewin Solicitors can assist you in taking your case to an employment tribunal in Manchester.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

An employment tribunal is where disputes are settled between employers and employees and if they feel that discrimination has caused an employee to leave or to suffer in any way and they can order the employer to pay compensation. Michael Lewin Solicitors will be able to assist you in building a case which will have enough merit to achieve compensation in this employment tribunal.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

There are strict criteria on exactly who can make a compensation claim under what circumstances through an employment tribunal and one of the team at Michael Lewin Solicitors will happily discuss the eligibility of your specific discrimination compensation claim.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

Our team at Michael Lewin received an enquiry on the 2nd December 2012 from Mr H from Henlow who believed that he had the right to make a discrimination claim against his employer.[dt_gap height=”10″ /]

If you feel that you are the victim of employment discrimination and you are now seeking a lawyer who can assist you in Manchester then you should speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors who can provide you with legal representation; to discuss the eligibility of your case you should call one of the team today on:0844 844 9866.


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