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Are you an employer in search of experienced employment dispute resolution lawyers to assist at your organisation in Hull? The employment and commercial law experts at Michael Lewin Solicitors could provide specialist advice and assistance in various methods of alternative dispute resolution and strive to reach an amicable agreement with a disgruntled employee in the quickest most cost-effective way possible whilst also guiding and assisting you with implementing policies and practices into your company that will minimise the potential of similar disputes arising in the future.

The Guardian pushed article Wednesday 26 June written by Scotland Correspondent SeverinCarrell reporting that “Female classroom staff in Dumfries and Galloway with equal pay court fight“.

The article says that “The Supreme Court has ruled that the Scottish Council discriminated against the female classroom and nursery workers by refusing to pay the same bonuses offered to male employees”.

It explains that “The court ruling against Dumfries and Galloway Council is expected to lead the payouts totalling œ12 million to settle similar discrimination cases against 20 other local authorities which are being planned by nearly 2000 women employees. Union leaders say the judgement was a landmark in favour of equal pay: if found that it was legal for councils to pay male staff about this but refused to offer the same the women in other posts who do work of “equal value”.”

Are you involved in an employment dispute with employees and require the expert services of specialist employment and commercial law lawyers to assist at your organisation in Hull? Then you should make a no obligation call the highly qualified and experienced legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discover how our extremely dedicated team could work with your organisation to resolve the dispute as swiftly and cost effectively as possible managing the situation to prevent similar occurrences happening again in the future.

The above-mentioned article reports that Dave Prentis General Secretary of Unison had said “he was disappointed that it had taken seven years to reach this stage but said Dumfries and Galloway at the 20 other councils with similar policies should act immediately to remedy the issue”.

It adds that “Prentis said that similar cases involving 2000 female council employees which had been on hold pending the Dumfries case now had the green light to go ahead”.

If an employment tribunal claim has been brought against you due to a dispute with an employee the highly skilled and experienced lawyers at Michael Lewin Solicitors could offer advice and representation in alternative methods of dispute resolution such as conciliation and arbitration but could also provide robust legal defence at an employment tribunal hearing should litigation be unavoidable or even preferred working to protect the best interests of your organisation in Hull; so speak with our helpful advisers today on: 0113 200 9720.


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